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Chennai: Overflowing garbage irks Kellys residents | Chennai News - Times of India

By: Kareena D Dodeja CHENNAI: Overflowing garbage bins have become a frequent scene in many across Kellys. Residents of Secretariat Colony and Vardhamal Garden Street said they are fed up with the accumulated garbage, causing improper sanitation and the stench in the streets. Though overflowing of garbage is a common sight to the residents in and around Kellys and despite repeated complaints to the Chennai corporation authorities, no action has been taken. The overflowing garbage also affe

Musical tribute paid to rock star Freddie Mercury | Chennai News - Times of India

CHENNAI: A Mumbai-based music band -- Merlin and the All Stars – paid a musical tribute to rock star Freddie Mercury and the iconic band Queen here on April 27. Called “The Man, The Myth and the Legend- Freddie Mercury,” the show featured pianist and composer Merlin D’Souza, Yohan and Bharat on the bass and drums, Adil Manuel on the guitar and vocalists Shazneen Arethna, Yatharth Ratnum, Dwayne and Vivienne Pocha. The crowd rejoiced the tracks with a set list that included ‘Bohemian Rhapsody

Is Stand- Up Comedy A Seditious Profession?

When a stand-up comedian goes on stage, s/he performs a set that makes the audience forget everything around them. They laugh and forget about it soon after they find themselves in the delightful company of comic-senses. But right now, stand-up comics are in a bit of a pickle- they have to think over every joke they make and see whether it would be acceptable or not- there’s a fragile line between what is offensive and not. The ‘Freedom of Speech and Expression’ is a right guaranteed under the

Sherlock Holmes Mind Palace Is Real And Works!

Researchers from Netherlands, Austria, and Germany have found that that Sherlock Homes memory trick could actually work to create long-lasting memories. He uses a device that helps him remember things that is originated from Greece wherein he imagines he is storing bits of information in a ‘mind palace.’ The findings of the study were published in a journal ‘Science Advances.’ Imagine you are in an unfamiliar place or path and to remember it, you keep dropping a piece of information and to find

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